Mummy Slots Game

The Mummy Slots game released by casino software giant Playtech has a number of exciting symbols that can be combined to trigger special wild symbols, win jackpots unlock bonus games. These symbols are wholly unique to the Mummy game and are made up of characters from the popular Mummy series of movies, symbols that evoke Ancient Egypt, and more. By knowing the best combinations of these symbols, players can hopefully win more money.

Triggering Wilds and Scatter Features

Under certain conditions, players can trigger special wilds or create scatters that can increase their chances of winning. In the Mummy slots game, an Expanding Mummy wild can increase the likelihood of players landing on a mummy symbol. The more often the mummy appears, the greater the payouts. The same things happen when players have one or more scorpions. There's even a Collapsing Reel feature, which is triggered by players landing on one or more scarabs in a single payline.

Uncovering the Bonuses

The Mummy slots game also has some incredible bonus games that are hidden inside the traditional slots game. The Lost City Adventure allows players to enter the Lost City and uncover hidden treasure. This adventure game is triggered randomly, so players could experience it at any time. There's also the Mummy Hunt game where players get the chance to hunt down mummies and earn money along the way. This game is triggered whenever the Mummy Hunt symbol comes up in the first or fifth reel at the same time.

There are also multiple combinations players can achieve that will immediately result in cash payouts. These combinations and more are available in the Mummy slots game payout table.